The Online Publishing of MedCrave

The Medcrave Company is engaged in online publishing and it mainly publishes the work of eminent scientists and researchers of the community. It is an educational portal that provides different research articles on varied topics and categorizes the articles into different sections. But the authors of the research papers need not pay any charges for publishing.

The types of papers that are published

This site publishes many types of works of the authors such as research papers, journals, essays, dissertation, online scientific journals etc.  A reader can read, download or share an article, journal or essay for free. The main aim of MedCrave Group is to spread the scientific ideas and research of famous scientists and authors across the globe and to provide ample scope to the researchers.

Any author who is well-qualified and talented in the field of scientific research can submit the manuscript online by filling some personal and professional details. Usually, the author first submits the abstract and the abstract is peer reviewed by eminent research experts and if their abstract is selected by the committee, only then the author submits the entire manuscript. In this way, the author submits his online scientific journals.

About MedCrave site

The Medcrave site is like an online publishing library that publishes the deeply researched work of famous scientific authors. The famous journals that are selected by the committee are published in the e-books of the Medcrave. The reader can access these e-books from the online publishing library for free.

Membership for MedCrave

Any person who is able to review the manuscripts or is deeply knowledgeable in the field of science can join this site for free as an editor and should follow certain rules and regulations.  Anybody who is capable of reviewing a scientific journal can join as a reviewer also and he should understand the selection process as prescribed by the committee. He should follow certain guidelines for reviewing the papers.

The authors should download the manuscripts, or cover letters or scholarship cover letters before writing the script.

Anybody can view the international open access journals for free and they can reuse the content also. The reader need not pay any charges for downloading or sharing the content to someone. The user can use the manuscript written by another author and may publish it in any other journal, but he should compulsorily state the name of the author and must provide it as a reference. Even the students and professors can use their manuscripts in the form of notes but they should mention it in their papers. The international open access journals can be viewed by anybody across the globe.

On this site, the viewers can also view some videos about some scientific facts for free and can download it for free also. But the viewers should follow some guidelines before they download any manuscript or video. Any knowledgeable person can join this site for free without paying any membership fees.

They conduct conferences at some intervals during the year and the authors whose papers are selected by the committee are invited to the conference. They should present their papers to the audience during the conference.

MedCrave- Editorial Board


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